Donate to the Library

Your tax-free donation to the Friends of the Wilton Manors Library allows us to provide the  Richard C. Sullivan Public Library with additional services beyond those financed by the city. To see what kinds of services we fund, click here

Donating is easy and there are many ways to do so.

Make a Monetary Donation to the Friends

The best way to donate to the library is to become a member. If you are not ready to make a commitment, you can support us with a one-time or periodic donation.

Donations can be targeted for a specific goal – such as purchase of certain types of books, special furnishings, computer support, tools for people with disabilities to name a few.

Bequeathing a donation in the name of a loved one or family member  is a great way to honor and remember them.

Donate Books and Other Media

If you have books to donate, we’d love to have them. We use the money from our book events to support the library. Videos, music CDs and artwork are also welcome.

How to Donate Books to the Library

To donate books, CDs, music or artwork to the library, just take them to the Richard C. Sullivan Library. We’ll take it from there. Gently-used and new books are welcomed.

Important Things to Consider Before Donating

  • We do ask you to call ahead (954-390-2195) if you have more than three boxes of books to donate.
  • Books and other materials must be in relative good condition – free of mold, moisture, stains, rips, and yellowing. 
  • Materials deemed unsaleable such as encyclopedia sets, dated computer books, VHS tapes and items in very poor condition will not be accepted.

The majority of books donated to the library are either offered by the Friends at book events throughout the year or are distributed to local Little Libraries throughout Wilton Manors. We welcome books on a variety of topics. These are the main topics of books we offer at our semi-annual book fair in rough order of popularity:

Note: The Friends of the Wilton Manors Library, as a 501c charity is obligated to pass on any donated books to other such charities. Any books that we cannot use or donate must be discarded so if you are unsure if your books are appropriate to donate, just call the library and they will help you decide.

Library Phone Number- 954-390-2195.

Donate Time

Those books don’t sell themselves. We rely on our member volunteers in Wilton Manors and the surrounding areas to help us with our events.

At book events, volunteers set up our book tables and tents. They collect the donations from book events and provide assistance to shoppers. After it’s all over, they pack up the leftover books, tear down tents and put away the tables.

Volunteers help set up lectures by recommending speakers or topics. They provide refreshments and help set up the library for speakers and their audience.

Does any of this sound like something you can do? If so, contact our volunteer coordinator Paul Kuta at 954-566-9019 and he will set you up. We’d love to have your help.

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