Who Are The Friends

The Wilton Manors Library has had “Friends” since before there was a library. The Wilton Manors Public Library Association started a library in a small retail space on Wilton Drive in 1957. In July 1957, the library moved into the original Village Hall, on NE 26th St.  The City took over the Library in 1958.  The building was doubled in size in 1960 with the financial support of the Library Association.  In 1972, the Public Library Association became the Friends of the Library.  In 2003, work was completed tripling the size of the Library, again with significant financial support from the Friends organization.

The Friends of the Library was the catalyst which got the Wilton Manors Library started and sponsored the various expansions.  Today, the Friends focus on adding value to our already outstanding Library, providing “the frosting on the cake” with services which would not otherwise be available.

The Friends of the Library is an all-volunteer IRS 501(c)(3) private corporation supporting only our library.

“Friends” groups are a nationwide phenomenon.  They generally support a single library organization.  The American Library Association acknowledges that they are crucial to not only the success but also the continued existence of libraries.

In sheer numbers, Members have influence in lobbying both the City and external organizations which provide grants.  Just by being a member, you are helping!

The Richard C. Sullivan Public Library of Wilton Manors is a fully independent library and is not part of the Broward County Library system.


How The Friends Contribute
The Richard C. Sullivan Public Library of Wilton Manors receives funds from the City of Wilton Manors, and a small annual grant from the State of Florida. It receives the occasional grant from private entities. Libraries are an easy target for public budget cutting.
The Friends of the Wilton Manors Library is committed to ensuring that the residents of Wilton Manors have the best possible public library. We work with Library Staff, Library users, and residents to implement programs for children and adults, research resources, lecture series, and physical amenities.


  • Provide funds for popular programs beyond the scope of the City budget, like summer programs for children.
  • Underwrite purchase of DVD and Blu-ray movies, books-on-CD, large print books and Ebooks.
  • Subsidize computer replacement.
  • Underwrite Emagazines - You can enjoy complete digital editions of more than 100 popular magazines. Read them anytime, anywhere, on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. The magazines range from serious news to hobbyist to lifestyle titles.
  • Underwrite Ancestry.com database
  • Work with Library Staff to ensure that infrastructure like chairs, tables, reflect an environment which is much loved by all involved.
  • Work with Library Staff on long range plans to make sure the Library is properly positioned for advances in technology as well as future expectations of patrons.
  • Provide the Library with volunteers and expertise to help them out with various projects.
  • Accept donations of unwanted books which are made available for a small donation at our very popular book events.


Whether you are a new resident or a long-time member of the community, the Wilton Manors Library is an asset to our City. It enriches the lives of all those who use it, their children, and their friends.